esp::scene namespace


class CCSemanticObject
This class exists to facilitate semantic object data access for bboxes derived from connected component analysis.
struct GibsonObjectCategory
class HM3DObjectCategory
class HM3DObjectInstance
class LoopRegionCategory
struct Mp3dObjectCategory
struct Mp3dRegionCategory
class ObjectControls
struct ReplicaObjectCategory
class SceneGraph
class SceneManager
class SceneNode
class SemanticCategory
Represents a semantic category.
class SemanticLevel
Represents a level of a SemanticScene.
class SemanticObject
Represents a distinct semantically annotated object.
class SemanticRegion
Represents a region (typically room) in a level of a house.
class SemanticScene


enum class SceneNodeType { EMPTY = 0, SENSOR = 1, AGENT = 2, CAMERA = 3, OBJECT = 4 }
enum class SceneNodeSemanticDataIDX { SEMANTIC_ID = 0, OBJECT_ID = 1, DRAWABLE_ID = 2, NUM_SEMANTIC_IDS }
This enum holds the idx values for the vector of various types of IDs that can be rendered via semantic sensors.
enum class SceneNodeTag: Magnum::UnsignedShort { Leaf = 1 << 0 }


using SceneNodeTags = Corrade::Containers::EnumSet<SceneNodeTag>


void initSceneBindings(pybind11::module& m)
Specify bindings for esp::scene::SceneNode , esp::scene::SceneGraph , esp::scene::SceneManager , esp::scene::SemanticCategory , esp::scene::Mp3dObjectCategory , esp::scene::Mp3dRegionCategory esp::scene::SemanticObject , esp::scene::SemanticRegion , esp::scene::SemanticLevel , esp::scene::SemanticScene , and esp::scene::ObjectControls.
auto espLoggingSubsystem() -> logging::Subsystem
template<typename Callable>
void preOrderTraversalWithCallback(const SceneNode& node, Callable&& cb)
Perform a pre-order traversal and invoke a callback at each node.
template<typename Callable>
void preOrderTraversalWithCallback(SceneNode& node, Callable&& cb)
template<typename Feature, typename Callable>
void preOrderFeatureTraversalWithCallback(const SceneNode& node, Callable&& cb)
Perform a pre-order traversal and invoke a callback on features of the desired type.
template<typename Feature, typename Callable>
void preOrderFeatureTraversalWithCallback(SceneNode& node, Callable&& cb)
void setSemanticIdForSubtree(SceneNode* node, int semanticId)
Set the semantic ID of a scene graph subtree.
void setSemanticInfoForSubtree(SceneNode* node, const std::vector<int>& _semanticIDs)
Set the semantic and instance IDs of a scene graph subtree.