esp::scene::SemanticObject class

Represents a distinct semantically annotated object.

Derived classes

class CCSemanticObject
This class exists to facilitate semantic object data access for bboxes derived from connected component analysis.
class HM3DObjectInstance

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

~SemanticObject() defaulted virtual

Public functions

auto id() const -> std::string virtual
auto semanticID() const -> int
Retrieve the unique semantic ID corresponding to this object.
auto region() const -> SemanticRegion::ptr
auto aabb() const -> box3f
auto obb() const -> geo::OBB
auto category() const -> SemanticCategory::ptr
void setObb(const esp::vec3f& center, const esp::vec3f& dimensions, const esp::quatf& rotation = quatf::Identity())
void setObb(const geo::OBB& otr)
auto getColor() const -> Mn::Vector3ub
void setColor(Mn::Vector3ub _color)
auto getColorAsInt() const -> uint32_t
void setColorAsInt(const uint32_t _colorAsInt)

Protected variables

int index_
The unique semantic ID corresponding to this object.
Mn::Vector3ub color_
specified color for this object instance.
uint32_t colorAsInt_
specified color as unsigned int
int parentIndex_
References the parent region for this object.
std::shared_ptr<SemanticCategory> category_
geo::OBB obb_
std::shared_ptr<SemanticRegion> region_
friend SemanticScene