habitat.tasks.nav.nav module


class Collisions
class DistanceToGoal
The measure calculates a distance towards the goal.
class DistanceToGoalReward
The measure calculates a reward based on the distance towards the goal. The reward is - (new_distance - previous_distance) i.e. the decrease of distance to the goal.
class EpisodicCompassSensor
The agents heading in the coordinate frame defined by the episode, theta=0 is defined by the agents state at t=0
class EpisodicGPSSensor
The agents current location in the coordinate frame defined by the episode, i.e. the axis it faces along and the origin is defined by its state at t=0
class HeadingSensor
Sensor for observing the agent’s heading in the global coordinate frame.
class ImageGoalSensor
Sensor for ImageGoal observations which are used in ImageGoal Navigation.
class IntegratedPointGoalGPSAndCompassSensor
Sensor that integrates PointGoals observations (which are used PointGoal Navigation) and GPS+Compass.
class LookDownAction
class LookUpAction
class MoveForwardAction
class NavigationEpisode
Class for episode specification that includes initial position and rotation of agent, scene name, goal and optional shortest paths. An episode is a description of one task instance for the agent.
class NavigationGoal
Base class for a goal specification hierarchy.
class NavigationMovementAgentAction
class NavigationTask
class PointGoalSensor
Sensor for PointGoal observations which are used in PointGoal Navigation.
class ProximitySensor
Sensor for observing the distance to the closest obstacle
class RoomGoal
Room goal that can be specified by room_id or position with radius.
class SPL
SPL (Success weighted by Path Length)
class SoftSPL
Soft SPL
class StopAction
class Success
Whether or not the agent succeeded at its task
class TeleportAction
class TopDownMap
Top Down Map measure
class TurnLeftAction
class TurnRightAction
class VelocityAction