habitat.tasks.nav.nav.SPL class

SPL (Success weighted by Path Length)

ref: On Evaluation of Embodied Agents - Anderson et. al https://arxiv.org/pdf/1807.06757.pdf The measure depends on Distance to Goal measure and Success measure to improve computational performance for sophisticated goal areas.


def get_metric(self)
def reset_metric(self, episode, task, *args: typing.Any, **kwargs: typing.Any)
def update_metric(self, episode, task: core.embodied_task.EmbodiedTask, *args: typing.Any, **kwargs: typing.Any)

Special methods

def __init__(self, sim: core.simulator.Simulator, config: DictConfig, *args: typing.Any, **kwargs: typing.Any)


uuid: str = None

Method documentation

def habitat.tasks.nav.nav.SPL.get_metric(self)

Returns the current metric for Measure.