esp/physics/PhysicsManager.h file

Class PhysicsManager, enum PhysicsManager::PhysicsSimulationLibrary.


namespace esp
Root namespace.
namespace esp::assets
Assets library.
namespace esp::sim
core physics simulation namespace
namespace esp::metadata
Metadata management.
namespace esp::metadata::attributes
Metadata Attributes library.
namespace esp::physics
Physics library.


struct esp::physics::RayHitInfo
Holds information about one ray hit instance.
struct esp::physics::RaycastResults
Holds information about all ray hit instances from a ray cast.
struct esp::physics::ContactPointData
based on Bullet b3ContactPointData
struct esp::physics::RigidConstraintSettings
Stores rigid constraint parameters for creation and updates.
class esp::physics::PhysicsManager
Kinematic and dynamic scene and object manager. Responsible for tracking, updating, and synchronizing the state of the physical world and all non-static geometry in the scene as well as interfacing with specific physical simulation implementations.


enum class RigidConstraintType { PointToPoint, Fixed }
describes the type of a rigid constraint.