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directory bullet/
directory objectManagers/
directory objectWrappers/


file ArticulatedObject.h
Class esp::physics::ArticulatedLink, class esp::physics::ArticulatedObject, enum class JointType, enum class JointMotorType, struct JointMotorSettings.
file CollisionGroupHelper.h
Class esp::physics::CollisionGroupHelper is a convenience class with all static functions providing an interface for customizing collision masking behavior for simulated objects. Enum Class esp::physics::CollisionGroup defines available collision groups.
file PhysicsManager.h
Class PhysicsManager, enum PhysicsManager::PhysicsSimulationLibrary.
file PhysicsObjectBase.h
Class physics::PhysicsObjectBase is the base class for any physics-based construct, and holds basic accounting info and accessors, along with scene node access.
file RigidBase.h
Class Rigidbase.
file RigidObject.h
Class esp::physics::RigidObject, enum esp::physics::MotionType, struct esp::physics::VelocityControl.
file RigidStage.h
Class esp::physics::RigidStage.
file URDFImporter.h