esp/physics/RigidObject.h file

Class esp::physics::RigidObject, enum esp::physics::MotionType, struct esp::physics::VelocityControl.


namespace esp
Root namespace.
namespace esp::assets
Assets library.
namespace esp::physics
Physics library.


struct esp::physics::VelocityControl
Convenience struct for applying constant velocity control to a rigid body.
class esp::physics::RigidObject
A RigidBase representing an individual rigid object instance attached to a SceneNode, updating its state through simulation. This may be a esp::physics::MotionType::STATIC scene collision geometry or an object of any MotionType which can interact with other members of a physical world. Must have a collision mesh. By default, a RigidObject is MotionType::KINEMATIC without an underlying simulator implementation. Derived classes can be used to introduce specific implementations of dynamics.