habitat_sim.gfx module

GFX library

Python bindings for esp::gfx. See the C++ docs for more information.


class Camera
RenderCamera: The object of this class is a camera attached to the scene node for rendering.
class Renderer
class RenderTarget
Render target
class LightInfo
Defines the vector, color and LightPositionModel of a single light source. For vector, use a Vector3 position and w == 1 to specify a point light with distance attenuation. Or, use a Vector3 direction and w == 0 to specify a directional light with no distance attenuation.
class DebugLineRender


class LightPositionModel: Camera = 0 Global = 1 Object = 2
Defines the coordinate frame of a light source.


NO_LIGHT_KEY = 'no_lights'