habitat_sim.gfx.LightInfo class

Defines the vector, color and LightPositionModel of a single light source. For vector, use a Vector3 position and w == 1 to specify a point light with distance attenuation. Or, use a Vector3 direction and w == 0 to specify a directional light with no distance attenuation.

Special methods

def __eq__(self, arg0: LightInfo, /) -> bool
def __init__(self, /) -> None
def __init__(self, vector: magnum.Vector4, color: magnum.Color3 = Vector(1, 1, 1), model: LightPositionModel = LightPositionModel.Global) -> None
def __ne__(self, arg0: LightInfo, /) -> bool


color: magnum.Color3 get set
model: LightPositionModel get set
vector: magnum.Vector4 get set