habitat_sim.gfx.Renderer class


class Flags: VISUALIZE_TEXTURE = 2 NONE = 0

Static methods

def bind_render_target(…)
Binds a RenderTarget to the sensor
def draw(…)
Draw the active scene in current simulator using the visual sensor
def enqueue_async_draw_job(…)
Draw given scene using the visual sensor. See tutorials/async_rendering.py


def acquire_gl_context(self, /) -> None
See tutorials/async_rendering.py. This is a noop if the main-thread already has the context.
def draw(self, camera: Camera, scene: scene.SceneGraph, flags: Camera.Flags = Camera.Flags.FRUSTUM_CULLING) -> None
Draw given scene using the camera
def start_draw_jobs(self, /) -> None
See tutorials/async_rendering.py
def wait_draw_jobs(self, /) -> None
See tutorials/async_rendering.py

Special methods

def __init__(self, /) -> None