esp/assets/ResourceManager.h file

Class esp::assets::ResourceManager.


namespace esp
Root namespace.
namespace esp::assets
Assets library.
namespace esp::gfx
GFX library.
namespace esp::gfx::replay
namespace esp::metadata
Metadata management.
namespace esp::metadata::URDF
URDF parsing library.
namespace esp::metadata::attributes
Metadata Attributes library.
namespace esp::metadata::managers
Metadata Attribute Managers library.
namespace esp::scene
namespace esp::physics
Physics library.
namespace esp::nav
NavMesh namespace.


class esp::assets::ResourceManager
Singleton class responsible for loading and managing common simulator assets such as meshes, textures, and materials.
struct esp::assets::ResourceManager::LoadedAssetData
Data for a loaded asset.
struct esp::assets::ResourceManager::StaticDrawableInfo