esp::gfx::replay namespace


class AbstractPlayerImplementation
Backend implementation for Player.
class AbstractSceneGraphPlayerImplementation
Classic scene graph backend implementation for Player.
struct Keyframe
A serialization/replay-friendly render keyframe class. See Recorder.
class Player
Playback for "render replay".
class Recorder
Recording for "render replay".
struct RenderAssetInstanceState
The dynamic state of a render instance that is tracked by the replay system every frame.
class ReplayManager
Helper class for the replay python bindings (GfxReplayBindings.cpp)
struct RigCreation
Definition of a rigged articulated object.
struct RigUpdate
The dynamic state of a rigged articulated object that is tracked by the replay system every frame.
struct Transform
serialization/replay-friendly Transform class


using RenderAssetInstanceKey = int32_t
using NodeHandle = class NodeHandle_*
Node handle.


void initGfxReplayBindings(pybind11::module& m)
Specify bindings for constructs in esp::gfx::replay namespace.