esp::sensor::VisualSensorSpec struct

Base classes

struct SensorSpec

Derived classes

struct CameraSensorSpec
struct CubeMapSensorBaseSpec

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators


Public functions

void sanityCheck() const override
auto isVisualSensorSpec() const -> bool override
auto operator==(const VisualSensorSpec& a) const -> bool

Public variables

Mn::Vector2i resolution
height x width
int channels
Number of components in buffer values, eg. 4 channels for RGBA.
bool gpu2gpuTransfer
True for pytorch tensor support.
float near
near clipping plane
float far
far clipping plane
Mn::Color4 clearColor
color used to clear the framebuffer
SemanticSensorTarget semanticTarget
the type of semantic information being rendered by the semantic sensor. Ignored by non-semantic sensors