esp::sensor::FisheyeSensorSpec struct

Base classes

struct CubeMapSensorBaseSpec

Derived classes

struct FisheyeSensorDoubleSphereSpec

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators


Public functions

auto operator==(const FisheyeSensorSpec& a) const -> bool
operator ==, check if 2 specs are equal
void sanityCheck() const override
check if the specification is legal

Public variables

FisheyeSensorModelType fisheyeModelType
Magnum::Vector2 focalLength
Focal length, fx, fy, the distance between the pinhole and the image plane. In practice, fx and fy can differ for a number of reasons. See details here:
Corrade::Containers::Optional<Magnum::Vector2> principalPointOffset
Principal Point Offset in pixel, cx, cy, location of the principal point relative to the image plane's origin. None will place it in the middle of the image (height/2, width/2).