esp::gfx::replay::ReplayManager class

Helper class for the replay python bindings (GfxReplayBindings.cpp)

This class is intended to be used as a singleton. It optionally keeps a pointer to a Recorder instance, and it helps construct Player instances.

Public functions

void setRecorder(std::shared_ptr<Recorder> writer)
Optionally make a Recorder instance available to python, or pass nullptr.
auto getRecorder() const -> std::shared_ptr<Recorder>
Get a Recorder instance, or nullptr if it isn't enabled.
void setPlayerImplementation(std::shared_ptr<AbstractPlayerImplementation>&& implementation)
Set callbacks that are invoked when simulation state changes upon playing a new keyframe. This is required to construct Player instances.
auto readKeyframesFromFile(const std::string& filepath) -> std::shared_ptr<Player>
Read keyframes from a file and construct a Player. Returns nullptr if no keyframes could be read.
auto createEmptyPlayer() -> std::shared_ptr<Player>
Returns an empty Player object. This can be used if you want to add keyframes later on.