habitat_sim.scene.SemanticScene class

Static methods

def load_mp3d_house(file: str, scene: SemanticScene, rotation: numpy.ndarray[numpy.float32[4, 1]]) -> bool
Loads a SemanticScene from a Matterport3D House format file into passed SemanticScene.


def get_regions_for_point(self, point: magnum.Vector3) -> typing.List[int]
Compute all SemanticRegions which contain the point and return a list of indices for the regions in this SemanticScene.
def get_regions_for_points(self, points: typing.List[magnum.Vector3]) -> typing.List[typing.Tuple[int, float]]
“Compute SemanticRegion containment for a set of points. Return a sorted list of tuple pairs with each containing region index and the percentage of points contained by that region. In the case of nested regions, points are considered belonging to every region the point is found in.
def get_weighted_regions_for_point(self, point: magnum.Vector3) -> typing.List[typing.Tuple[int, float]]
def semantic_index_to_object_index(self, arg0: int, /) -> int

Special methods

def __init__(self, /) -> None


aabb: geo.BBox get
categories: typing.List[SemanticCategory] get
All semantic categories in the scene
levels: typing.List[SemanticLevel] get
All levels in the scene
objects: typing.List[SemanticObject] get
All object in the scene
regions: typing.List[SemanticRegion] get
All regions in the scene
semantic_index_map: typing.Dict[int, int] get