esp::assets::AssetInfo struct

AssetInfo stores information necessary to identify and load an Asset.

Public static functions

static auto fromPath(const std::string& filepath) -> AssetInfo
Populates a preset AssetInfo by matching against known filepaths.

Public variables

metadata::attributes::AssetType type
The type of the asset.
std::string filepath
The path to the asset's source on disk.
geo::CoordinateFrame frame
float virtualUnitToMeters
Conversion factor from units specified in asset source to meters.
bool forceFlatShading
Whether to force this asset to be flat shaded.
bool splitInstanceMesh
Whether supported semantic meshes should be split.
Cr::Containers::Optional<PhongMaterialColor> overridePhongMaterial
if set, override the asset material with a procedural Phong material
metadata::attributes::ObjectInstanceShaderType shaderTypeToUse
Defaults to esp::metadata::attributes::ObjectInstanceShaderType::Unspecified (which means the user has not specified a shader/material to use, and the assets's default material should be used). If set to other value, this specifies the shader type to use for this asset, overriding any other inferred shader types. See esp::metadata::attributes::ObjectInstanceShaderType.
bool hasSemanticTextures
Asset is a semantic mesh that uses textures (instead of vertices) for annotation information.

Variable documentation

geo::CoordinateFrame esp::assets::AssetInfo::frame

The esp::geo::CoordinateFrame describing the default orientation of the asset