habitat_sim.metadata.MetadataMediator class

Aggregates all AttributesManagers and provides an API for swapping the active SceneDataset. It can exist independant of a Simulator object for programmatic metadata management and can be passed into the constructor via the SimulatorConfiguration.


def dataset_exists(self, dataset_name: str) -> bool
Returns whether the passed name references an existing scene dataset or not.
def dataset_report(self, dataset_name: str = '') -> str
This provides an indepth report of the loaded templates for the specified dataset. If no dataset_name is specified, returns a report on the currently active dataset
def get_scene_handles(self, /) -> typing.List[str]
Returns a list the names of all the available scene instances in the currently active dataset.
def get_scene_user_defined(self, scene_name: str) -> habitat_sim._ext.habitat_sim_bindings.Configuration
Returns the user_defined attributes for the scene instance specified by scene_name
def remove_dataset(self, dataset_name: str) -> bool
Remove the given dataset from MetadataMediator. If specified dataset is currently active, this will fail.

Special methods

def __init__(self, /) -> None
def __init__(…)


active_dataset: str get set
The currently active dataset being used. Will attempt to load configuration files specified if does not already exist.
ao_template_manager get
The current dataset’s AOAttributesManager instance for configuring articulated object templates.
asset_template_manager get
The current dataset’s AssetAttributesManager instance for configuring primitive asset templates.
lighting_template_manager get
The current dataset’s LightLayoutAttributesManager instance for configuring light templates and layouts.
object_template_manager get
The current dataset’s ObjectAttributesManager instance for configuring object templates.
physics_template_manager get
The current PhysicsAttributesManager instance for configuring PhysicsManager templates.
stage_template_manager get
The current dataset’s StageAttributesManager instance for configuring simulation stage templates.
summary: str get
This provides a summary of the datasets currently loaded.
urdf_paths: MapStringString get
Access to the dictionary of URDF paths, keyed by shortened name, value being full path.