habitat_sim.sim.SimulatorConfiguration class

Special methods

def __eq__(self, arg0: SimulatorConfiguration, /) -> bool
def __init__(self, /) -> None
def __ne__(self, arg0: SimulatorConfiguration, /) -> bool


allow_sliding: bool get set
Whether or not the agent can slide on NavMesh collisions.
create_renderer: bool get set
Optimisation for non-visual simulation. If false, no renderer will be created and no materials or textures loaded.
default_agent_id: int get set
The default agent id used during initialization and functionally whenever alternative agent ids are not provided.
enable_gfx_replay_save: bool get set
Enable replay recording. See sim.gfx_replay.save_keyframe.
enable_hbao: bool get set
Whether or not to enable horizon-based ambient occlusion, which provides soft shadows in corners and crevices.
enable_physics: bool get set
Specifies whether or not dynamics is supported by the simulation if a suitable library (i.e. Bullet) has been installed. Install with –bullet to enable.
force_separate_semantic_scene_graph: bool get set
Required to support playback of any gfx replay that includes a stage with a semantic mesh. Set to false otherwise.
frustum_culling: bool get set
Enable or disable the frustum culling optimisation.
gpu_device_id: int get set
The system GPU device to use for rendering.
leave_context_with_background_renderer: bool get set
See tutorials/async_rendering.py
load_semantic_mesh: bool get set
Whether or not to load the semantic mesh.
Optionally provide a pre-configured NavMeshSettings. If provided, the NavMesh will be recomputed with the provided settings if: A. no NavMesh was loaded, or B. the loaded NavMesh’s settings differ from the configured settings. If not provided, no NavMesh recompute will be done automatically.
override_scene_light_defaults: bool get set
Override scene lighting setup to use with value specified by scene_light_setup.
physics_config_file: str get set
Path to the physics parameter config file.
random_seed: int get set
The Simulator and Pathfinder random seed. Set during scene initialization.
requires_textures: bool get set
Whether or not to load textures for the meshes. This MUST be true for RGB rendering.
scene_dataset_config_file: str get set
The location of the scene dataset configuration file that describes the dataset to be used.
scene_id: str get set
Either the name of a stage asset or configuration file, or else the name of a scene instance configuration, used to initialize the simulator world.
scene_light_setup: str get set
Light setup key for the scene.
use_semantic_textures: bool get set
If the loaded scene/dataset supports semantically annotated textures, use these for semantic rendering. Defaults to True