esp::sim::ReplayRendererConfiguration class

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

ReplayRendererConfiguration(const ReplayRendererConfiguration&)
ReplayRendererConfiguration(ReplayRendererConfiguration&&) noexcept

Public functions

auto operator=(const ReplayRendererConfiguration&) -> ReplayRendererConfiguration&
auto operator=(ReplayRendererConfiguration&&) -> ReplayRendererConfiguration& noexcept

Public variables

int numEnvironments
int gpuDeviceId
The system GPU device to use for rendering.
bool standalone
Have the renderer create its own GPU context.
bool forceSeparateSemanticSceneGraph
bool leaveContextWithBackgroundRenderer
Leave the context with the background thread after finishing draw jobs. This will improve performance as transferring the OpenGL context back and forth takes time but will require the user to manually transfer the context back to the main thread before adding or removing objects.
bool enableFrustumCulling
bool enableHBAO
std::vector<std::shared_ptr<sensor::SensorSpec>> sensorSpecifications

Variable documentation

bool esp::sim::ReplayRendererConfiguration::standalone

Have the renderer create its own GPU context.

Set to false in scenarios where the renderer is meant to draw into a GUI application window.