esp::sensor::EquirectangularSensor class

Base classes

class CubeMapSensorBase

Public static variables

static const char* EQUIRECTANGULAR_SHADER_KEY_TEMPLATE constexpr

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

EquirectangularSensor(scene::SceneNode& cameraNode, const EquirectangularSensorSpec::ptr& spec) explicit
constructor NOTE: the status of the camera sensor is "valid" after construction, and user can use them immediately
~EquirectangularSensor() defaulted override

Public functions

auto drawObservation(sim::Simulator& sim) -> bool override
Draw an observation to the frame buffer.
auto specification() const -> EquirectangularSensorSpec::ptr
Return a pointer to this fisheye sensor's SensorSpec.
auto getRenderCamera() -> gfx::RenderCamera* deleted

Protected functions

auto getShaderKey() -> Magnum::ResourceKey override

Protected variables

EquirectangularSensorSpec::ptr equirectangularSensorSpec_

Function documentation

bool esp::sensor::EquirectangularSensor::drawObservation(sim::Simulator& sim) override

Draw an observation to the frame buffer.

sim in Instance of Simulator class for which the observation needs to be drawn
Returns true if success, otherwise false (e.g., frame buffer is not set)