habitat.tasks.nav.instance_image_nav_task module


class InstanceImageGoal
An instance image goal is an ObjectGoal that also contains a collection of InstanceImageParameters.
class InstanceImageGoalHFOVSensor
A sensor that returns the horizontal field of view (HFOV) in degrees of the current episode’s instance image goal.
class InstanceImageGoalNavEpisode
Instance ImageGoal Navigation Episode
class InstanceImageGoalSensor
A sensor for instance-based image goal specification used by the InstanceImageGoal Navigation task. Image goals are rendered according to camera parameters (resolution, HFOV, extrinsics) specified by the dataset.
class InstanceImageNavigationTask
A task for navigating to a specific object instance specified by a goal image. Built on top of ObjectNavigationTask. Used to explicitly state a type of the task in config.
class InstanceImageParameters