habitat.tasks.nav.instance_image_nav_task.InstanceImageGoalSensor class

A sensor for instance-based image goal specification used by the InstanceImageGoal Navigation task. Image goals are rendered according to camera parameters (resolution, HFOV, extrinsics) specified by the dataset.

sim: a reference to the simulator for rendering instance image goals. config: a config for the InstanceImageGoalSensor sensor. dataset: a Instance Image Goal navigation dataset that contains a dictionary mapping goal IDs to instance image goals.


def _get_instance_image_goal(self, img_params: InstanceImageParameters) -> typing.Union[numpy.ndarray, Tensor]
To render the instance image goal, a temporary HabitatSim sensor is created with the specified InstanceImageParameters. This sensor renders the image and is then removed.
def get_observation(self, *args: typing.Any, episode: InstanceImageGoalNavEpisode, **kwargs: typing.Any) -> typing.Union[numpy.ndarray, Tensor, None]

Special methods

def __init__(self, sim, config: DictConfig, dataset: InstanceImageNavDatasetV1, *args: typing.Any, **kwargs: typing.Any)


cls_uuid: str = 'instance_imagegoal'