habitat.tasks.nav.instance_image_nav_task.InstanceImageNavigationTask class

A task for navigating to a specific object instance specified by a goal image. Built on top of ObjectNavigationTask. Used to explicitly state a type of the task in config.


def add_perf_timing(self, *args, **kwargs)
def get_action_name(self, action_index: typing.Union[int, numpy.integer])
def overwrite_sim_config(self, config: typing.Any, episode: core.dataset.Episode) -> typing.Any
def reset(self, episode: core.dataset.Episode)
def seed(self, seed: int) -> None
def step(self, action: typing.Dict[str, typing.Any], episode: core.dataset.Episode)

Special methods

def __init__(self, config: DictConfig, sim: core.simulator.Simulator, dataset: typing.Optional[core.dataset.Dataset] = None)


action_space: gym.spaces.space.Space get
is_episode_active get


measurements: core.embodied_task.Measurements = None
sensor_suite: core.simulator.SensorSuite = None