esp::physics::JointMotorSettings struct

Stores JointMotor (i.e. per-DoF PD control) parameters for creation and updates.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

JointMotorSettings() defaulted
JointMotorSettings(double _positionTarget, double _positionGain, double _velocityTarget, double _velocityGain, double _maxImpulse)
constructor for single dof motor settings
JointMotorSettings(const Mn::Quaternion& _sphericalPositionTarget, double _positionGain, const Mn::Vector3& _sphericalVelocityTarget, double _velocityGain, double _maxImpulse)
constructor for spherical motor settings

Public variables

JointMotorType motorType
double positionTarget
Single DoF joint position target.
Mn::Quaternion sphericalPositionTarget
Spherical joint position target.
double positionGain
Position (proportional) gain Kp.
double velocityTarget
Single DoF joint velocity target. Zero acts like joint damping/friction.
Mn::Vector3 sphericalVelocityTarget
Spherical joint velocity target.
double velocityGain
Velocity (derivative) gain Kd.
double maxImpulse

Variable documentation

JointMotorType esp::physics::JointMotorSettings::motorType

The type of motor parameterized by these settings. Determines which parameters to use.

double esp::physics::JointMotorSettings::maxImpulse

The maximum impulse applied by this motor. Should be tuned relative to physics timestep.