esp::metadata::URDF::Link struct

Parsed from a URDF link (<link>). Represents a single rigid segment of the articulated object.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

Link() defaulted

Public variables

std::string m_name
name of the link
Inertia m_inertia
dynamic properties of the link
std::vector<VisualShape> m_visualArray
visual shapes attached to this link
std::vector<CollisionShape> m_collisionArray
collision shapes attached to this link
std::weak_ptr<Link> m_parentLink
this link's parent link
std::weak_ptr<Joint> m_parentJoint
the joint connecting this link to its parent
std::vector<std::weak_ptr<Joint>> m_childJoints
list of all link children of this link
std::vector<std::weak_ptr<Link>> m_childLinks
int m_linkIndex
the index of this link in the overall articulated object
LinkContactInfo m_contactInfo
any contact info for this link

Variable documentation

std::vector<std::weak_ptr<Link>> esp::metadata::URDF::Link::m_childLinks

joints attaching this link to each of its children (with index correspondence to m_childJoints)