esp::metadata::URDF::Joint struct

Parsed from a URDF joint (<joint>), connects two links.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

Joint() defaulted

Public variables

std::string m_name
Joint name.
JointTypes m_type
Type of the joint, used to pivot on relevant fields for instancing.
Magnum::Matrix4 m_parentLinkToJointTransform
Relative transform of the joint from its parent link.
std::string m_parentLinkName
Name of the parent link and key in the link cache.
std::string m_childLinkName
Name of the child link and key in the link cache.
Magnum::Vector3 m_localJointAxis
Some joints (e.g. revolute) have a local axis (e.g. X, Y, Z)
double m_lowerLimit
Joint limits if provided.
double m_upperLimit
double m_effortLimit
Joint force/torque limits if provided.
double m_velocityLimit
double m_jointDamping
double m_jointFriction

Variable documentation

double esp::metadata::URDF::Joint::m_jointDamping

Joint damping and friction. Used to generate default JointMotors for BulletArticulatedObjects.