habitat_sim.sensors.noise_models.SaltAndPepperNoiseModel class

Static methods

def is_valid_sensor_type(sensor_type: sensor.SensorType) -> bool


def apply(self, image)
Alias of simulate() to conform to base-class and expected API
def simulate(self, image)

Special methods

def __attrs_post_init__(self) -> None
def __call__(self, sensor_observation: typing.Union[numpy.ndarray, torch.Tensor]) -> typing.Union[numpy.ndarray, torch.Tensor]
Alias of apply()
def __init__(self, *, gpu_device_id: typing.Optional[int] = None, s_vs_p: float = 0.5, amount: float = 0.05, impl: typing.Optional[habitat_sim.sensors.noise_models.salt_and_pepper_noise_model.SaltAndPepperNoiseModelCPUImpl] = None) -> None
Method generated by attrs for class SaltAndPepperNoiseModel.


amount: float get set del
s_vs_p: float get set del
gpu_device_id: typing.Optional[int] get set del