habitat_sim.robots.MobileManipulatorParams class

Data to configure a mobile manipulator. :property arm_joints: The joint ids of the arm joints. :property gripper_joints: The habitat sim joint ids of any grippers. :property wheel_joints: The joint ids of the wheels. If the wheels are not controlled, then this should be None

Special methods

def __init__(self, arm_joints: typing.List[int], gripper_joints: typing.List[int], wheel_joints: typing.Optional[typing.List[int]], arm_init_params: typing.Optional[numpy.ndarray], gripper_init_params: typing.Optional[numpy.ndarray], ee_offset: magnum.Vector3, ee_link: int, ee_constraint: numpy.ndarray, cameras: typing.Dict[str, RobotCameraParams], gripper_closed_state: numpy.ndarray, gripper_open_state: numpy.ndarray, gripper_state_eps: float, arm_mtr_pos_gain: float, arm_mtr_vel_gain: float, arm_mtr_max_impulse: float, wheel_mtr_pos_gain: float, wheel_mtr_vel_gain: float, wheel_mtr_max_impulse: float, base_offset: magnum.Vector3, base_link_names: typing.Set[str]) -> None
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arm_init_params: typing.Optional[numpy.ndarray] get set del
The starting joint angles of the arm. If None, resets to 0.
arm_joints: typing.List[int] get set del
arm_mtr_max_impulse: float get set del
arm_mtr_pos_gain: float get set del
arm_mtr_vel_gain: float get set del
base_offset: magnum.Vector3 get set del
cameras: typing.Dict[str, RobotCameraParams] get set del
ee_constraint: numpy.ndarray get set del
ee_offset: magnum.Vector3 get set del
gripper_closed_state: numpy.ndarray get set del
gripper_init_params: typing.Optional[numpy.ndarray] get set del
The starting joint positions of the gripper. If None, resets to 0.
gripper_joints: typing.List[int] get set del
gripper_open_state: numpy.ndarray get set del
gripper_state_eps: float get set del
wheel_joints: typing.Optional[typing.List[int]] get set del
wheel_mtr_max_impulse: float get set del
wheel_mtr_pos_gain: float get set del
wheel_mtr_vel_gain: float get set del