habitat_sim.physics.JointMotorSettings class

Special methods

def __init__(self, /) -> None
def __init__(self, position_target: float, position_gain: float, velocity_target: float, velocity_gain: float, max_impulse: float) -> None
def __init__(self, spherical_position_target: magnum.Quaternion, position_gain: float, spherical_velocity_target: magnum.Vector3, velocity_gain: float, max_impulse: float) -> None


max_impulse: float get set
The maximum impulse applied by this motor. Should be tuned relative to physics timestep.
motor_type: JointMotorType get set
The type of motor parameterized by these settings. Determines which parameters to use.
position_gain: float get set
Position (proportional) gain Kp.
position_target: float get set
Single DoF joint position target.
spherical_position_target: magnum.Quaternion get set
Spherical joint position target (Mn::Quaternion).
spherical_velocity_target: magnum.Vector3 get set
Spherical joint velocity target.
velocity_gain: float get set
Velocity (derivative) gain Kd.
velocity_target: float get set
Single DoF joint velocity target. Zero acts like joint damping/friction.