habitat_sim.attributes_managers module

Each AttributesManager acts as a library of Attributes objects of a specific type, governing access and supporting import from config files.

Notes: SceneDataset and SceneInstance managers can be accessed from MetadataMediator and Simulator APIs, but are not publicly exposed.


class AOAttributesManager
Manages ArticulatedObjectAttributes which define Habitat-specific metadata for articulated objects (i.e. render asset or semantic ID), in addition to data held in defining URDF file, pre-instantiation. Can import .ao_config.json files.
class AssetAttributesManager
Manages PrimtiveAttributes objects which define parameters for constructing primitive mesh shapes such as cubes, capsules, cylinders, and cones.
class ObjectAttributesManager
Manages ObjectAttributes which define metadata for rigid objects pre-instantiation. Can import .object_config.json files.
class PbrShaderAttributesManager
Manages PbrShaderAttributess which define PBR shader calculation control values, such as enabling IBL or specifying direct and indirect lighting balance. Can import .pbr_config.json files.
class PhysicsAttributesManager
Manages PhysicsManagerAttributes which define global Simulation parameters such as timestep. Can import .physics_config.json files.
class StageAttributesManager
Manages StageAttributes which define metadata for stages (i.e. static background mesh such as architectural elements) pre-instantiation. Can import .stage_config.json files.