esp::metadata::attributes::ObjectAttributes class

Specific Attributes instance describing a rigid object, constructed with a default set of object-specific required attributes.

Base classes

class AbstractObjectAttributes
base attributes object holding attributes shared by all esp::metadata::attributes::ObjectAttributes and esp::metadata::attributes::StageAttributes objects; Should be treated as abstract - should never be instanced directly

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

ObjectAttributes(const std::string& handle = "") explicit

Public functions

void setCOM(const Magnum::Vector3& com)
auto getCOM() const -> Magnum::Vector3
void setComputeCOMFromShape(bool computeCOMFromShape)
auto getComputeCOMFromShape() const -> bool
void setMass(double mass)
auto getMass() const -> double
void setInertia(const Magnum::Vector3& inertia)
auto getInertia() const -> Magnum::Vector3
void setLinearDamping(double linearDamping)
auto getLinearDamping() const -> double
void setAngularDamping(double angularDamping)
auto getAngularDamping() const -> double
void setBoundingBoxCollisions(bool useBoundingBoxForCollision)
auto getBoundingBoxCollisions() const -> bool
void setJoinCollisionMeshes(bool joinCollisionMeshes)
auto getJoinCollisionMeshes() const -> bool
void setSemanticId(int semanticId)
auto getSemanticId() const -> uint32_t

Protected functions

void writeValuesToJsonInternal(io::JsonGenericValue& jsonObj, io::JsonAllocator& allocator) const override
Write object-specific values to json object.
auto getAbstractObjectInfoHeaderInternal() const -> std::string override
get AbstractObject specific info header
auto getAbstractObjectInfoInternal() const -> std::string override
get AbstractObject specific info for csv string