esp::core::managedContainers::AbstractFileBasedManagedObject class

Base classes

class AbstractManagedObject
This abstract base class provides the interface of expected functionality for an object to be manageable by esp::core::managedContainers::ManagedContainer class template specializations. Any class that inherits from this class properly can be managed by a esp::core::managedContainers::ManagedContainer specilization.

Derived classes

class esp::metadata::attributes::AbstractAttributes
Base class for all implemented attributes. Inherits from esp::core::managedContainers::AbstractFileBasedManagedObject so the attributes can be managed by a esp::core::managedContainers::ManagedContainer.

Public functions

void setFileDirectory(const std::string& fileDirectory) pure virtual
directory where files used to construct ManagedObject can be found.
auto getFileDirectory() const -> std::string pure virtual
auto getSimplifiedHandle() const -> std::string virtual
This will return a simplified version of the AbstractFileBasedManagedObject handle, removing extensions and any parent directories in name. Note : there's no guarantee this handle will be sufficiently unique to identify this AbstractFileBasedManagedObject, so this should only be used for logging, and not for attempts to search for AbstractFileBasedManagedObjects.
auto writeToJsonObject(io::JsonAllocator& allocator) const -> io::JsonGenericValue pure virtual
Build and return a json object holding the pertinent data for this AbstractFileBasedManagedObject.