habitat.tasks.rearrange.multi_agent_sensors module


class AreAgentsWithinThreshold
Returns if the agents are close to each other and about to collide, thus the agents should replan.
class DidAgentsCollide
Detects if the 2 agents in the scene are colliding with each other at the current step. Only supports 2 agent setups.
class MultiAgentGlobalPredicatesSensor
Returns the predicates ONLY for the agent this sensor is configured for. This is different from GlobalPredicatesSensor which returns the predicates for all agents.
class NumAgentsCollide
Cumulative number of steps in the episode the agents are in collision.
class OtherAgentGps
Returns the GPS coordinates of the other agent.
class RearrangeCooperateReward
PddlSubgoalReward adapted for 2 agent setups to penalize and potentially end the episode on agent collisions.