esp::sim::SimulatorConfiguration struct

Class to hold configuration for a simulator.

Public variables

std::string activeSceneName
Name of scene or stage config or asset to load.
int defaultAgentId
int gpuDeviceId
The system GPU device to use for rendering.
unsigned int randomSeed
The Simulator and Pathfinder random seed. Set during scene initialization.
bool createRenderer
bool allowSliding
Whether or not the agent can slide on NavMesh collisions.
bool frustumCulling
Enable or disable the frustum culling optimisation.
bool enablePhysics
This flags specifies whether or not dynamics is supported by the simulation, if a suitable library (i.e. Bullet) has been installed.
bool enableGfxReplaySave
Enable the recording of render keyframes during simulation. These keyframes can be used later to replay the graphics of a simulation.
bool loadSemanticMesh
Whether or not to load the semantic mesh.
bool forceSeparateSemanticSceneGraph
Force creation of a separate semantic scene graph, even when no semantic mesh is loaded for the stage. Required to support playback of any replay that includes a semantic-only render asset instance. Set to false otherwise.
bool requiresTextures
Whether or not to load textures for the meshes. This MUST be true for RGB rendering.
bool leaveContextWithBackgroundRenderer
Leave the context with the background thread after finishing draw jobs. This will improve performance as transferring the OpenGL context back and forth takes time but will require the user to manually transfer the context back to the main thread before adding or removing objects.
std::string physicsConfigFile
Path to the physics parameter config file.
std::string sceneDatasetConfigFile
File location for initial scene dataset to use.
bool overrideSceneLightDefaults
Allows for overriding any scene lighting setup specified in a scene instance file with the value specified below.
std::string sceneLightSetupKey
Light setup key for scene.
bool useSemanticTexturesIfFound
Use texture-based semantics if the specified asset/dataset support them.
nav::NavMeshSettings::ptr navMeshSettings
Optionally provide a pre-configured NavMeshSettings. If provided, the NavMesh will be recomputed with the provided settings if A. no NavMesh was loaded, or B. the loaded NavMesh's settings differ from the configured settings. If not provided, no NavMesh recompute will be done automatically.
bool enableHBAO
Enable HBAO visual effect that adds soft shadows to corners and crevices.

Variable documentation

int esp::sim::SimulatorConfiguration::defaultAgentId

The default agent id used during initialization and functionally whenever alternative agent ids are not provided.

bool esp::sim::SimulatorConfiguration::createRenderer

Optimisation for non-visual simulation. If false, no renderer will be created and no materials or textures loaded.