esp::metadata::URDF::Geometry struct

Stores properties of various types of visual or collision geometry which can be attached to links

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

Geometry() defaulted

Public variables

GeomTypes m_type
Type of geometry for pivoting during instancing.
double m_sphereRadius
Magnum::Vector3 m_boxSize
double m_capsuleRadius
double m_capsuleHeight
Magnum::Vector3 m_planeNormal
std::string m_meshFileName
Magnum::Vector3 m_meshScale
std::shared_ptr<Material> m_localMaterial
bool m_hasLocalMaterial

Variable documentation

std::string esp::metadata::URDF::Geometry::m_meshFileName

If a mesh, store the relative filepath of the asset. Note: also used to cache primitive handles for custom visual prims.

std::shared_ptr<Material> esp::metadata::URDF::Geometry::m_localMaterial

If a custom material is defined, store it with the geometry. Because named materials can be overridden at multiple points in the URDF, we store the struct as-is when referenced rather than a key.