esp::gfx_batch::SceneStats struct

Statistics for a single renderer scene.

Returned by Renderer::sceneStats().

Public variables

std::size_t nodeCount
Count of transformable nodes.
std::size_t drawCount
Count of draws across all draw batches.
std::size_t drawBatchCount
Count of draw batches.

Variable documentation

std::size_t esp::gfx_batch::SceneStats::nodeCount

Count of transformable nodes.

Same as size of the array returned by Renderer::transformations().

std::size_t esp::gfx_batch::SceneStats::drawCount

Count of draws across all draw batches.

Never larger than nodeCount. Usually much smaller, as certain nodes are only manipulators grouping a set of other actually renderable nodes.

std::size_t esp::gfx_batch::SceneStats::drawBatchCount

Count of draw batches.

Ideal case is just one, but if there's more files or more textures, then each such combination needs a dedicated draw batch. Never larger than drawCount.