esp::gfx::PbrDrawable::PBRMaterialCache::VolumeLayer struct

Structure holding volume-layer values

Public variables

float thicknessFactor
Mn::GL::Texture2D* thicknessTexture
float attenuationDist
Mn::Color3 attenuationColor

Variable documentation

float esp::gfx::PbrDrawable::PBRMaterialCache::VolumeLayer::thicknessFactor

The thickness of the volume beneath the surface. The value is given in the coordinate space of the mesh. If the value is 0 the material is thin-walled. Otherwise the material is a volume boundary. The doubleSided property has no effect on volume boundaries. Range is [0, +inf).

Mn::GL::Texture2D* esp::gfx::PbrDrawable::PBRMaterialCache::VolumeLayer::thicknessTexture

A texture that defines the thickness, stored in the G channel. This will be multiplied by thicknessFactor. Range is [0, 1]

float esp::gfx::PbrDrawable::PBRMaterialCache::VolumeLayer::attenuationDist

Density of the medium given as the average distance that light travels in the medium before interacting with a particle. The value is given in world space. Range is (0, +inf). Default is inf (treat -1).

Mn::Color3 esp::gfx::PbrDrawable::PBRMaterialCache::VolumeLayer::attenuationColor

The color that white light turns into due to absorption when reaching the attenuation distance.