esp::gfx::PbrDrawable::PBRMaterialCache::AnisotropyLayer struct

Structure holding anisotropy layer values

Public variables

float factor
Mn::Vector2 direction
Mn::GL::Texture2D* texture

Variable documentation

float esp::gfx::PbrDrawable::PBRMaterialCache::AnisotropyLayer::factor

The anisotropy strength. When anisotropyTexture is present, this value is multiplied by the blue channel.

Mn::Vector2 esp::gfx::PbrDrawable::PBRMaterialCache::AnisotropyLayer::direction

[cos(rotation), sin(rotation)] : Built from the rotation of the anisotropy in tangent, bitangent space, measured in radians counter-clockwise from the tangent. When anisotropyTexture is present, anisotropyRotation provides additional rotation to the vectors in the texture.

Mn::GL::Texture2D* esp::gfx::PbrDrawable::PBRMaterialCache::AnisotropyLayer::texture

A texture that defines the strength and orientation of the anisotropy of the material. Red and green channels represent the anisotropy direction in [-1, 1] tangent, bitangent space, to be rotated by anisotropyRotation. The blue channel contains strength as [0, 1] to be multiplied by anisotropyStrength