esp::core::RigidState struct

describes the state of a rigid object as a composition of rotation (quaternion) and translation.

Public types

using ptr = std::shared_ptr<RigidState>
using uptr = std::unique_ptr<RigidState>
using cptr = std::shared_ptr<const RigidState>
using ucptr = std::unique_ptr<const RigidState>

Public static functions

template<typename... Targs>
static auto create(Targs && ... args) -> ptr
template<typename... Targs>
static auto create_unique(Targs && ... args) -> uptr

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

RigidState() defaulted
RigidState(const Magnum::Quaternion& _rotation, const Magnum::Vector3& _translation)

Public variables

Magnum::Quaternion rotation
Magnum::Vector3 translation