esp::gfx::GaussianFilterShader class

A shader to visualize the depth buffer information.

Public types

enum (anonymous): Magnum::UnsignedInt { ColorOutput = Magnum::Shaders::GenericGL3D::ColorOutput }
enum class FilteringDirection { Horizontal = 0, Vertical = 1 }

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

GaussianFilterShader() explicit

Public functions

auto bindTexture(Magnum::GL::Texture2D& texture) -> GaussianFilterShader&
Bind texture.
auto setFilteringDirection(FilteringDirection dir) -> GaussianFilterShader&

Enum documentation

enum esp::gfx::GaussianFilterShader::(anonymous): Magnum::UnsignedInt


Color shader output. Generic output, present always. Expects three- or four-component floating-point or normalized buffer attachment.

Function documentation

GaussianFilterShader& esp::gfx::GaussianFilterShader::bindTexture(Magnum::GL::Texture2D& texture)

Bind texture.

Returns Reference to self (for method chaining)