esp::gfx::PbrDrawable::PBRShaderConfig struct

This struct holds configuration values to be passed as uniforms to the PBR shader. These values are beyond what the material data can provide, are user provided, and can control, for example, light balance between direct and IBL lighting, or the intensity of the direct light.

Public variables

float directLightingIntensity
float tonemapExposure
Magnum::Vector3 gamma
PbrShader::PbrEquationScales eqScales

Variable documentation

float esp::gfx::PbrDrawable::PBRShaderConfig::directLightingIntensity

Control the direct lighting intensity.

float esp::gfx::PbrDrawable::PBRShaderConfig::tonemapExposure

Controls the exposure level for the tonemapping function. Only used if tonemapping is enabled.

Magnum::Vector3 esp::gfx::PbrDrawable::PBRShaderConfig::gamma

Controls the gamma value used in the sRGB<->linear approximation calculations. Only used if sRGB remapping is enabled.

PbrShader::PbrEquationScales esp::gfx::PbrDrawable::PBRShaderConfig::eqScales

Scales the contributions for each of the 4 given values - direct lighting diffuse and specular and ibl diffuse and specular. Only used if both direct lighting and IBL are enabled, ignored otherwise.