Logging Configuration

This page explains how to configure what is logged in Habitat-Sim.

Turn off non-critical logging

To turn off non-critical logging, use one of the following based on your current version:

  • Habitat-Sim version >= 0.2.2 .. code-block:

    export MAGNUM_LOG=quiet HABITAT_SIM_LOG=quiet
  • Habitat-Sim version < 0.2.2 .. code-block:

    export MAGNUM_LOG=quiet GLOG_minloglevel=2

Turning on specific logging

Habitat-Sim has numerous different subsystems (gfx, physics, sim, scene, etc.) and these can all have their logging levels set independently. The HABITAT_SIM_LOG environment variable takes a string that configures these which is governed by the following grammar

FilterString: SetLevelCommand (COLON SetLevelCommand)*

where SUBSYSTEM is the name (or names) of a given subsystem and LOGGING_LEVEL is the logging level name. If no subsystem name is given, the level will be applied to all subsystems.

For example, HABITAT_SIM_LOG=quiet:physics,sim=verbose will set all subsystems to quiet and then set both the physics and sim subsystems to verbose. Logging level names and subsystem names are not case sensitive in this filter configuration string.

Logging Level: esp::logging::LoggingLevel

Logging subsystems: esp::logging::Subsystem

GPU Context Debugging

When trying to debug things related to GPU contexts, set the following