habitat.tasks.rearrange.multi_task.rearrange_pddl.PddlSimInfo class

Manages the mapping between the abstract PDDL and the underlying simulator entities. This also provides some helper methods for accessing PDDL entity simulator properties like object position (which could vary per entity type).


def check_type_matches(self, entity: PddlEntity, match_name: str) -> bool
def get_entity_pos(self, entity: PddlEntity) -> numpy.ndarray
Gets a simulator 3D point for an entity.
def get_predicate(self, pred_name: str) -> Predicate
Look up predicate by name.
def reset_pred_truth_cache(self)
Task that uses the pred_truth_cache is responsible for calling this.
def search_for_entity(self, entity: PddlEntity) -> typing.Union[int, str, marker_info.MarkerInfo, datasets.rearrange.samplers.receptacle.Receptacle]
Returns underlying simulator information associated with a PDDL entity. Helper to match the PDDL entity to something from the simulator.

Special methods

def __init__(self, obj_ids: typing.Dict[str, int], target_ids: typing.Dict[str, int], art_handles: typing.Dict[str, int], marker_handles: typing.Dict[str, marker_info.MarkerInfo], robot_ids: typing.Dict[str, int], sim: rearrange_sim.RearrangeSim, env: rearrange_task.RearrangeTask, expr_types: typing.Dict[str, ExprType], predicates: typing.Dict[str, typing.Any], all_entities: typing.Dict[str, PddlEntity], receptacles: typing.Dict[str, datasets.rearrange.samplers.receptacle.Receptacle], pred_truth_cache: typing.Optional[typing.Dict[str, bool]] = None) -> None
def __repr__(self)


pred_truth_cache: typing.Optional[typing.Dict[str, bool]] = None
obj_ids: typing.Dict[str, int] = None
target_ids: typing.Dict[str, int] = None
art_handles: typing.Dict[str, int] = None
marker_handles: typing.Dict[str, marker_info.MarkerInfo] = None
robot_ids: typing.Dict[str, int] = None
sim: rearrange_sim.RearrangeSim = None
env: rearrange_task.RearrangeTask = None
expr_types: typing.Dict[str, ExprType] = None
predicates: typing.Dict[str, typing.Any] = None
all_entities: typing.Dict[str, PddlEntity] = None
receptacles: typing.Dict[str, datasets.rearrange.samplers.receptacle.Receptacle] = None