habitat.tasks.rearrange.multi_task.rearrange_pddl module


class ExprType
Hierarchical type in the PDDL system. The user can define custom types and the types in SimulatorObjectType are automatically defined.
class PddlEntity
Abstract PDDL entity. This is linked to simulator via PddlSimInfo.
class PddlSimInfo
Manages the mapping between the abstract PDDL and the underlying simulator entities. This also provides some helper methods for accessing PDDL entity simulator properties like object position (which could vary per entity type).


class SimulatorObjectType(enum.Enum): BASE_ENTITY = 'entity_type' MOVABLE_ENTITY = 'movable_entity_type' STATIC_RECEPTACLE_ENTITY = 'static_receptacle_entity_type' ARTICULATED_RECEPTACLE_ENTITY = 'art_receptacle_entity_type' GOAL_ENTITY = 'goal_entity_type' ROBOT_ENTITY = 'robot_entity_type'
Predefined entity types for which default predicate behavior is defined.


def do_entity_lists_match(to_set: typing.List[PddlEntity], set_value: typing.List[PddlEntity]) -> bool
Returns if the two predicate lists match in count and argument types.
def ensure_entity_lists_match(to_set: typing.List[PddlEntity], set_value: typing.List[PddlEntity]) -> None
Checks if the two predicate lists match in count and argument types. If they don’t match, an exception is thrown.
def parse_func(x: str) -> typing.Tuple[str, typing.List[str]]
Parses out the components of a function string. :returns: First element is the name of the function, second argument are the function arguments.