habitat.core.embodied_task.Measurements class

Represents a set of Measures, with each Measure being identified through a unique id.


def check_measure_dependencies(self, measure_name: str, dependencies: typing.List[str])
Checks if dependencies measures are enabled and calculatethat the measure :param measure_name: a name of the measure for which has dependencies. :param dependencies: a list of a measure names that are required by the measure. :return:
def get_metrics(self) -> Metrics
Collects measurement from all Measures and returns it packaged inside Metrics.
def reset_measures(self, *args: typing.Any, **kwargs: typing.Any) -> None
def update_measures(self, *args: typing.Any, task, **kwargs: typing.Any) -> None

Special methods

def __init__(self, measures: typing.Iterable[Measure]) -> None


measures: typing.Dict[str, Measure] = None

Method documentation

def habitat.core.embodied_task.Measurements.__init__(self, measures: typing.Iterable[Measure]) -> None


measures list containing Measure, uuid of each Measure must be unique.