habitat.core.embodied_task module

Implements task and measurements needed for training and benchmarking of habitat.Agent inside habitat.Env.


class Action
An action that can be performed by an agent solving a task in environment. For example for navigation task action classes will be: MoveForwardAction, TurnLeftAction, TurnRightAction. The action can use Task members to pass a state to another action, as well as keep own state and reset when new episode starts.
class EmbodiedTask
Base class for embodied task. EmbodiedTask holds definition of a task that agent needs to solve: action space, observation space, measures, simulator usage. EmbodiedTask has reset() and step() methods that are called by Env. EmbodiedTask is the one of main dimensions for the framework extension. Once new embodied task is introduced implementation of EmbodiedTask is a formal definition of the task that opens opportunity for others to propose solutions and include it into benchmark results.
class Measure
Represents a measure that provides measurement on top of environment and task.
class Measurements
Represents a set of Measures, with each Measure being identified through a unique id.
class Metrics
Dictionary containing measurements.
class SimulatorTaskAction
An EmbodiedTask action that is wrapping simulator action.