habitat.core.embodied_task.Measure class

Represents a measure that provides measurement on top of environment and task.

This can be used for tracking statistics when running experiments. The user of this class needs to implement the reset_metric() and update_metric() method and the user is also required to set the uuid and _metric attributes.


def get_metric(self)
def reset_metric(self, *args: typing.Any, **kwargs: typing.Any) -> None
Reset _metric, this method is called from env.Env on each reset.
def update_metric(self, *args: typing.Any, **kwargs: typing.Any) -> None
Update _metric, this method is called from env.Env on each step()

Special methods

def __init__(self, *args: typing.Any, **kwargs: typing.Any) -> None


_metric: typing.Any = None
metric for the Measure, this has to be updated with each step() call on env.Env.
uuid: str = None
universally unique id.

Method documentation

def habitat.core.embodied_task.Measure.get_metric(self)

Returns the current metric for Measure.