habitat.tasks.rearrange.multi_task.pddl_predicate.Predicate class


def are_args_compatible(self, arg_values: typing.List[rearrange_pddl.PddlEntity])
Checks if the list of argument values matches the types and counts of the argument list for this predicate.
def clone(self)
def is_true(self, sim_info: rearrange_pddl.PddlSimInfo) -> bool
Returns if the predicate is satisfied in the current simulator state. Potentially returns the cached truth value of the predicate depending on sim_info.
def set_param_values(self, arg_values: typing.List[rearrange_pddl.PddlEntity]) -> None
def set_state(self, sim_info: rearrange_pddl.PddlSimInfo) -> None
Sets the simulator state to satisfy the predicate.
def sub_in(self, sub_dict: typing.Dict[rearrange_pddl.PddlEntity, rearrange_pddl.PddlEntity]) -> Predicate
def sub_in_clone(self, sub_dict: typing.Dict[rearrange_pddl.PddlEntity, rearrange_pddl.PddlEntity])

Special methods

def __eq__(self, other_pred)
def __init__(self, name: str, is_valid_fn: typing.Optional[typing.Callable], set_state_fn: typing.Optional[typing.Callable], args: typing.List[rearrange_pddl.PddlEntity])
def __repr__(self)
def __str__(self)


compact_str get
n_args get
name get