habitat.tasks.rearrange.multi_task.pddl_sensors.MoveObjectsReward class

A reward based on L2 distances to object/goal.


def _get_count_coll_reward(self)
Count-based collision reward
def _want_count_coll(self)
Check if we want to consider penality from count-based collisions
def get_distance(self, task, distance)
def get_metric(self)
def reset_metric(self, *args, episode, task, observations, **kwargs)
def update_metric(self, *args, episode, task, observations, **kwargs)
def update_target_object(self)
The agent just finished one rearrangement stage so it’s time to update the target object for the next stage.

Special methods

def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs)


cls_uuid: str = 'move_obj_reward'

Method documentation

def habitat.tasks.rearrange.multi_task.pddl_sensors.MoveObjectsReward.get_metric(self)

Returns the current metric for Measure.